How to measure Bra Size

Did you know that about 80% of women wear the wrong size bra? If you are one of them, the reason is either you have never had the correct measurement taken or you have never measured yourself at all. You will be surprised when you realize what a good fitted bra can do for you as knowing your right bra size can be life changing. Not only that it looks better but it is great for your posture, your confidence and even your health.

So it’s very important that you measure yourself, however finding the time for professional bra fitting isn’t always that easy and actually for some women the idea of standing in a front of someone that you don’t know in your underwear just isn’t that appealing.

So we created this short guide to help you measuring yourself at home in order to find the brassiere that fits perfectly. To find your best fit, we will use the tape measuring system, so a simple tape measure will be required.

How to measure Band Size

Let’s start from the band of the bra which is very closely related to your under breast measurement. Stand straight wearing a soft bra – shouldn’t be padded or a minimizer bra. Wrap the tape measure around your body - the rib cage just under your bust. Make sure is taut and it’s parallel to the floor. These two things are very important in order to get precise results. Now breath out and pull as hard as you can, making sure you get the smallest measurement possible. Bear in mind that because you will probably wear your bra quite often, after some time it will stretch a bit. So now when you have your under-bust measurement taken subtract about 1 inch from it in order to determine your band size.

How to measure Band Size

How to measure Cup Size

The next thing to do is finding your cup size. The way we take this measurement will depend on your bust size.

If your breasts are rather small and firm. Once again you should stand straight wearing the soft bra - ideally the one that gathers and lifts your bust well. Move the tape upwards and measure across the fullest part of your bust. The tape measure shouldn’t be too much taut, it should just touch you. This is going to be your cup measurement.

For medium and bigger bust to get the correct measurement, instead of straight position you should lean over the floor as this position will draw all of your breast tissue forward. Then you measure exactly the same way as you do for smaller breasts.

How to measure Cup Size

How to determine Bra Size

We want to do this process much simpler than most of other guides. Instead of some mysterious math formula we will use two measurements you have just taken in order to determine your bra size.

  1. Please click here to visit our bra size chart.
  2. Find the proper range for your under-bust (band size) measure.
  3. Within the column of your under-bust size find the matching range of your Cup Size.

What is the right fitted bra?

As you already know your bra size, you shouldn’t have any problem to find a well fitted bra. New bra should be fastened on the loosest hook as over time it will stretch naturally and you want to tight it up. As bras loosing elasticity and its support you go into the second hook or the last hook eventually. If you are starting on the tightest hook in the beginning which a lot of women do, it completely stretches out your bra and it will be falling on the bottom.

You also want to make sure that your straps are adjusted right, so they are resting on the shoulder and they’re not falling of your shoulder. The straps shouldn’t take the full weight of your bust they should just lift it up. The back band should provide most of the support for the bra and if this is incorrect you can put too much stress on the straps and they can start to dig in your shoulders. Allowing the shoulders straps to take the weight of the bust can cause problems with your back and posture.

The well fitted bra shouldn’t move up on your back, it needs to sit horizontally across the back. If you think about it your back gets broader as it gets higher, so if the back band is slipping of the back it means that it is too big and it needs to be tighten. The bra that fits correctly is leveled all the way around and fully encases and supports the bust.

Another element that supports your bust is underwire. If your bra is underwired make sure the undewire sits flat against the chest, then run underneath and behind the breast. Your breast need to be completely contained in the cup.