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Obsessive Lingerie

Obsessive in other words: addictive, hooking, overenthusiastic, extreme, mad, passionate, excited, burning, maniacal, delirious, wild, haunting, unforgettable, ongoing, persistent. Obsessive Lingerie… Coincidence? Do not think so :)

We could endlessly describe the further characteristic of Obsessive products. However, three major words are the keys here: sexy, spicy, fun. And those are three major categories of Obsessive collections. The closest to some classic seductive lingerie lines are some elegant “sexy” pieces. “Spicy” determines the items a little bit more bold and provocative, but still very alluring and fetching. The most amusing are of course the products tagged with the word “fun”. Wanna be some crazy bunny for a while? A naughty maid, secretary, doctor, sailor, soldier, nurse, teacher… Marine or a pirate? Those all and many, many more – waiting for you in the offer of Obsessive.

All the products bold, fresh and in a wide range of colors. At the very reasonable prices for the highest quality. Not only original lingerie outfits but also very comfortable underwear. Designed and made of the most delicate and elastic fabrics. Because of all those qualities mixed together – Obsessive happens to be an annual laureate of numerous awards (Year Quality, Consumer Laurel, Business Gazelles, etc.) The lingerie has also adorned the covers of many popular magazines such as Playboy, Maxim, Men’s Health, and many others. This certainly makes the producer one of the most popular amongst all the manufacturers offering erotic lingerie at the market.

Not only traditional bras but also, for example, some nipple covers. Full lace, comfortable panties or extremely hot body stockings if you go through some hosiery. Perfectly shaping body corsets and extremely comfortable nightwear. All those under the overlap: erotic. Dirty or flirty? It is all your choice!

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Obsessive Lingerie

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Showing 1 - 12 of 144 items