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Gabriella Hosiery

Can you imagine beautiful and luxurious lingerie without some smart and high quality hosiery elements? Because we absolutely cannot do that and this is the reason why we would like to introduce the next producer presented at to you – a hosiery expert – Gabriella.

About the company

Currently one of the largest and most expansively developing brands at the hosiery market, it was founded in 1996. From the beginning, the yarn of the most renowned companies (Lycra, Fulgar, Nilit) has been used in Gabriella’s production line. The products have been licensed to use INVISTA trademark (the license no. LBA2075).

About the products

Using Italian, British and Japanese machinery, the brand pays particular attention to the quality of its products. They are made of the highest standards of course. Optimization of Gabriella’s production process and purchasing raw materials straight from the producers make the brand’s offer one of the most attractive at the market – of the best quality and reasonable prices at the same time. Numerous Polish consumers’ awards for the best national brand can prove that fact (awarded with “The Best in Poland” twice and the title: “Discovery of the year 2011” in the Consumers’ Laurel Plebiscite).

Two entries you may want to check looking for some products from the Gabriella producer: body corsets and hosiery of course. “Abdominal line correction, slim look and waist lightness” are guaranteed if you chose a special collection of the producer,  called: Medica. The rest of Gabriella’s hosiery offer consist of: exclusive tights, elegant and sophisticated stockings, comfortable leggings and charming knee-ups.

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Gabriella Hosiery

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Showing 1 - 12 of 60 items